Who am I?

I am a certified in: Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Project management. I also have an MBA in International Business.

I am an expert in the Trading industry, in which I have worked for 7 years and managed a team of 8 people.
As a department director, I had the opportunity to work with the Vice - President of a multinational company.

In creating my business, Ressource-Coaching, I discovered the joys and difficulty that entrepreneurs face. Today I accompany individuals in coaching and consulting with great pleasure and enthusiasm.
Photo Eloise Basille

Key competencies

  • Listen and reply with a tailored approach.
  • Create a think tank to grow innovative ideas.
  • Optimize work processes in order to gain efficiency and motivate collaborators.
  • Prepare and engage in change.
  • Help adding flexibility to project management.
  • Analyze rapidly complex situations and simplify them to approach them with serenity.
  • Conceive innovative solutions.


I offer you an enlightening diagnostic, a tailored approach, optimized and efficient solutions.


I immerse myself in your world, with your own words and together we discover the wonders and traps which line the pits of your ambitions.
My inspirations paint my coaching style:

Icone Theater
Icone Literature
Non Violent Communication
  Non Violent Communication
Icone Tai chi
  Tai chi
Icone Yoga
Icone Leadership
Icone Management
Icone Startup
Icone Transactional Analysis
  Transactional Analysis
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Icone The Uses of Enchantment
  The Uses of Enchantment
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