The Contract

I work in the canton of Geneva, and I am happy to meet you at your office.

The coaching and the consulting are done on a base of 10 sessions of 1 hour each, in French or in English..

Coaching/Consulting: the difference

As a coach I guide you to exceed your limits and find your own path to success.
You have the ressources to accomplish what you want. Do you know how to set them into motion?

It is now the moment to call me for a coaching.

As a consultant I tailor my advice and at times directly impacts your projects.
You need the tools, the organization or just an expert helping hand to advance on your projects.

Reach out to me for consulting.

Special offers

Small and Medium Sized Companies

  • Develop competencies of a conductor;
  • Working in uncertainty;
  • Taking a back step;

I am aware of the challenges that business creators face. The doubts. The impression of being submerged and loosing focus of the long-term goals. I undertake to help you keep on tracks.
My experience helps me perceive information which are implicit and crucial for the business development.

Trading Companies

  • Improve the performances of teams and individuals;
  • Integrate new employees;
  • Lead a team with a short and long-term vision, synthetic and global;

I provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your situation.
I wish to advise you to optimize your time and organize your efforts.
I offer to accompany your teams and individuals to move towards greater simplicity, efficiency, and performance.

Coaching in detail

Group Coaching

It caters to individuals with professional issues, or personal. Individuals looking for a coach wish, for example, to undertake a new project, break their limits, take a difficult decision or develop organizational skills and staff management etc.

Changes within the company, such as promotions, can also be times that weaken teams and individuals, and require coaching.

Coaching is similar to the Socratic method, that is to say, the coach is there to provide a framework and a space that is particularly stimulating, which offers a very good reflection of yourself, which provides you a place to overcomes obstacles whilst enjoying the best of you. This happens, among others, thanks to dialogue, listening and intuition.

" Know yourself, then you shall know the Universe and Gods."

Each road traveled is specific to the person, each exercise we undertake comes timely.

There are some very effective techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming, in which I am Practitioner, and I use them depending on your evolution.

As a Coach, I will take you back to the basics simplifying your path and developing your confidence in yourself, one that allows to dare.

I offer techniques for finding unique solutions which suits you best.

Consulting in detail

Consulting - Continuous Improvement - Plan, Do, Check, Act

I proposed tailored consulting in my area of expertise, such as knowledge of the Trading and SME industries.

I guide you towards commercial and planning processes, substantially thanks to proven management project techniques.

I provide you with unique solutions which reinforce your project while respecting your ideas.

According to European statistics from the Eurostat website:
Entrepreneurs believe that client relationship and administrative problems are the main issues at start.

Experience within the industry and management play a decisive role towards innovation.

The main risks that companies incur are through the changes of factors:

  • The cease of founding;
  • The lessening of demand;
  • The increase of competition;
  • Shortening of the life of product and technical cycle;
  • Internal bureaucracy;
  • Growth of turnover but decrease of profits;
  • Issues with delegating work;
  • Globalization;
  • Preparation for inheritance;

Source: survey “Managing an SME, the steps of developments, Swiss Institution for SME of Saint Gall University.

I was personally confronted to the difficulty of managing changes times and again.

Thanks to my experience in the trading industry as Head of Back Office, and my work as a consultant for Small and Medium sized Enterprises, I know how you operate. I am able to see the challenges you meet, your constraints, your priorities, what is at stake.