Consultant and Professional Coach

Engaging in a coaching or a consulting, means investing in one owns personnel and professional development. I practice in the Geneva area and I can come to your office.
Why Ressource - Coaching ?
Our resources are emotional states, which we experience and carry us, like joy and serenity. Coaching in itself, is a resource for individuals who want to attain an objective attain.

They are also a mean to access out full potential, the source of our inspirations and intuitions.
Go beyond your limits and achieve your objectives building on your competencies.
Photo Eloise Basille
Enjoy the best YOU!
I am a Business Coach and I would like to propose to you to become your business angel: I accompany you in your projects so they become a reality.

I love the intellectual stimulation and creative force which stems from engaging with individuals and teams.
It gives me satisfaction and a feeling of fulfillment to accompany and guide you in grasping your own potential in order to thrive professionally.